Where We Deliver

Offering Primary Research, Survey Programming and Data Processing & Analytics.

Quantitative Research

Our extensive experience in B2B and B2C Market Research Data Collection cuts across multiple verticals in more than 20 countries. We use the latest survey technologies under the stewardship of multi-skilled market research professionals to field studies that conform to the highest level of quality. We leverage our offshore-based delivery model wth NAM and EU based account management resources to provide our clients with solutions that are both scalable and cost-effective.

Types of Research

'C' Level Interviews

Customer Loyalty Assessment


Social Media Monitoring

Pricing Research

IT/Telecom Decision Making

Market Assessment/Trend Analysis

Employee Satisfaction

New Market Opportunity

Syndicated/Ad hoc/Omnibus Studies

Media and Web Habit Assessment

Customer Segmentation

Advertisement Effectiveness/Tracking

New Product/Market Studies

Competitive Analysis


CATI - Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviewing (Phone)

CAWI - Computer Assisted Web Interviewing (Phone to Web)

Face to Face

Online Panel Based

In-Depth Research

Mystery Shopping

Street Intercepts

Focus Groups

Qualitative Research

We have a dedicated highly skilled team for conducting indepth interviews with high level/hard to reach respondents. Mindforce Research can meet your need for deeper insight into various behaviors and decision processes through in depth interviewing techniques. We can also assist with the preparation of discussion guides for these interviews. Our research team uses innovative techniques during interviewing to probe deeply held motivations, attitudes and beliefs that often play a major role in market choices than the rational explanations provided by the respondents.

Survey Programming

We have a a highly skilled and experienced survey programming team which supports the complex and multi-lingual requirements of the client. Our expertise in tools like Computer Aided Telephonic Interview (CATI), Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) and other survey programming tools enable us to create the best market research surveys online. Our survey programming team is well versed with Confirmit, Qualitrics, SPSS, SAS tools.

Key Programming Features

Login and password for secure access

Generation of unique tracking-IDs

Open and close-ended coding

Multiple choices

Skip patterns

Randomization and block rotation

Tables/ grid Questions

HTML/ Text Questions

Scaling questions

Ranking questions

Creation of custom interactive templates

Constant Sum questions

Audio/Video Questions

Horizontal/Vertical Sliders

Data Processing & Analytics

The data processing team at Mindforce Research provides data formatting, processing and tabulation services. We provide clients with statistical program data and other results, according to their unique specifications in a cost effective and time bound manner.

Key Data Processing Capabilities

Cross Tabulations

Graphical Representations

Sig Testing

Marginal Frequencies

Means, medians and standard deviations

Variable distribution

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